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I've just been reading some of the ridiculous comments left below this article. This is my particular favourite:"Grown, heterosexual men should NOT use fancy luggage. Period."Um, what. louis vuitton bag,
I am seiously thinking about a speedy now! azur or damier...haha..congratesss! louis vuitton shop
,^ I agree, let it go. It sounds like you don't actually miss the speedy as your title suggests, but that you regret not getting an extra $100-$200 you may have fetched selling it to a stranger. But she's family. :) And it's a done deal. Maybe time to consider a Speedy B or Idylle, something with a strap? To fill your 'speedy' void? lv bags,

Very nice congrats I like the scarf!! louis vuitton outlet

,wow, this is the second post like this this holiday. what is the world coming to. i truly dont care what others think and the only time i dont carry my LV bags is when rain or my safety may be in question. when asked or commented on, i simply reply" i like nice things" louis vuitton bag,They're discontinuing it?! What a shame its such a stylish versatile bag.. louis vuitton,

Roses. LV

ased on your responses, OP, I'd suggest a Speedy or an Alma from the Epi line for 2 reasons: 1. The epi line is very classy and you will enjoy the bag for many years. 2. Epi colours are beautiful. If you decide to go with epi, choose red, which you can wear with so many other colours. LV is introducing a new epi colour (something between amarante and rouge fauviste) in electric, so there is another option for you. If you don't lik lv bag